Graphics cards

  G4V1N 08:52 26 Apr 2010

What is the most i can over-clock my graphics card too

It is a

ATI Radeion HD 4830

55nm Chipset
DirectX 10.1

  I am Spartacus 09:05 26 Apr 2010

Until it starts producing artefacts. On standard cooling it will probably heat up dramatically and there is the possibility of reducing its life.

  G4V1N 09:13 26 Apr 2010

what will be a safe over clock for the graphics card. this is what i am trying to find out...

  I am Spartacus 09:41 26 Apr 2010

It can vary from card to card, even the same model from the same manufacturer. You can use the Auto-Tune function of the Catalyst Control Centre to automatically check the overclock settings. It's rarely worth it particularly on lower end cards.

  G4V1N 09:44 26 Apr 2010

what do you mean by this

  I am Spartacus 10:58 26 Apr 2010

Low end - If a card produces 20fps in a particular game then a 10% overclock will at best give an extra 2fps.

  G4V1N 18:55 26 Apr 2010

is My Graphics card one of them.....................................................................

I Don't Think so!!!!!!!!!!!

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