graphics cards

  casper69 07:33 28 Jun 2006


i have a 6600gt tv-out graphics card in my agp slot at the moment if i get a faster graphics card with tv-in and put that into my pci express slot will it cause any problems, will it inprove my graphics, would i need to hook them up together?


  rmcqua 08:48 28 Jun 2006

You can't hook up together an AGP card with a PCI-e card. If you get a PCI-e card that is significantly better than your existing 660GT (you are probably looking at spending £150 or so), you should notice an worthwhile improvement. Don't leave the AGP card in the system. Unused "disabled" hardware can cause problems.

  keef66 08:52 28 Jun 2006

What mobo do you have? Are you sure it has both agp and pci-express x16 slots?

Don't confuse PCI and PCI-express.

  casper69 12:06 28 Jun 2006

my mobo is an asus one and it has both i checked with the company who sold it to me, so id be better off getting a new card and getting rid of the old one

  SANTOS7 12:17 28 Jun 2006

Its called a Universal Graphics Interface (UGI)
click here

  keef66 13:25 28 Jun 2006

I know there are a few mobos with both; I just wanted to be sure.

Yes, what rmcqua said. Sell the AGP 6600gt and get a faster pci-express card. 7600gt is I think the current sweet spot in terms of performance vs expenditure click here

(If you'd posted 2 weeks ago I'd have made you an offer for the 6600gt, but I've just bought a vanilla 6600!)

  keef66 15:17 28 Jun 2006

distracted by the link provided by SANTOS7, Via suggest you could have both agp and pci-express cards in the mobo at once and so run up to 4 monitors. They obviously wouldn't be linked in an SLI way, so presumably they'd be showing different things. What does Asus say in the mobo manual??

  casper69 17:01 28 Jun 2006

it does state that you can hook up 4 monitors at the same time all playing the same thing

  casper69 07:47 29 Jun 2006


click here

would this graphics card be at the same quality as the 7600gt as its all in one tv tuner/video in and out


  keef66 10:37 29 Jun 2006

as far as I can tell the X800gt is a good mid range card, but it's gaming performance is really only on a par with the card you already have, the 6600gt. The 7600gt would be very much better from a gaming perspective.
If, however, you value the all-in-wonder features, that's a good price for a decent card.

Bear in mind the ATI X800 series of cards are older technology than the Nvidia 6xxx and 7xxx cards, and don't have shader 3 support, which may be important for the latest and future games.

If you want a shader 3 ATI card you need to be looking at X1600, X1800 etc. Do these come in All-in-wonder flavour yet?

  casper69 12:11 29 Jun 2006

i think ill go for the nvida tv in cheers for the help and link

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