Graphics cards

  Madrat 22:31 17 Feb 2005


I am about to upgrade my sons PC

At the moment he has a ASUS nvida geforce 2mx/mx400 32mb

But I could use a Sapphire ATI rage128 proII 32mb

He does like gaming and I know these are not realy gaming cards but which is the best.

Thanks for your help


  josie mayhem 22:38 17 Feb 2005


What motherborad does your son have,

And what is your budget?

  josie mayhem 22:39 17 Feb 2005

forgot, what sort of games is your son lookong to play?

  Madrat 22:43 17 Feb 2005


There is no budget I will eather fit his old card (nvida)or my old card (ATI) just need to know whats best.

Motherboard will be ECS K7S5A

Have no idea what games he plays

  josie mayhem 23:10 17 Feb 2005

sorry I missed read your thread!

What I'm getting at is, because both card only have 32mb of mem, then I an assuming that they are older graphic cards, and you don't mention weather they are pci or agp slot cards.

Depending on weather they are pci or agp, could make a difference. At this point could I be rude,on how much to you know about the difference of these two types of cards? So that I or others can help you a bit more.

  Madrat 23:17 17 Feb 2005


They are both AGP x4

apart from that all I know it the info I have stated I just wonded if one performed better than the other.


  hugh-265156 23:20 17 Feb 2005

geforce 2 mx400 is faster card click here scroll down a bit

  Madrat 23:23 17 Feb 2005


thats all i needed

  josie mayhem 23:41 17 Feb 2005

I've done a very quick search of google, and what Ive seen is that the radeon is the better bet, but even saying that is to find out what motherboard that is in your sons computer, if you use something like SiSoftware Sandra Lite 2005, then this will give details of motherboard, processor ect. It will also tell you what agp slot you've got i.e x4, x8 ect (remember that most graphic cards are backwards comnpatiable)

Before you change cards check voltage, because graphic cards (normanly reserved for older cards) come in 3.00 volts or 1.5 volts, so make sure that your motherboard will support the voltage of the card. Depending on what motherboard you have (I know that with most asus motherboards, will not allow you to put the wrong graphic board in)

But once you check voltage, then put each board in, and see what works best. As everything at the end of the day, will depend on what componnents that you have, to what is the best. The only way to find out is trail and error.

After all a lot of computing is really personal opinonin.

  Madrat 23:44 17 Feb 2005


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