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  dazza39 10:17 27 Jan 2005

I currently have a Gforce FX 5200 in my PC which has been giving me grief with my games,won't bore people with details,suffice to say i can't run the latest nvidia drivers 66.93 on it because half my games won't run,so i have to revert to the drivers on the CD,but even that crashes some games,problem is with the "nv4_disp" driver,tech help wasn't much use told me to download earlier versions of drivers,but that didn't cure problem.
So i've decided to go for ATI chipset instead,one that caught my eye is the 9600PRO RADEON 128K is this a good budget replacement???,reading some reviews it seems to be okay any advice?.System spec

AMD Athlon 2400
1 Gigabyte RAM
80 gb hard drive
WinXP Home Edition

  georgemac © 10:33 27 Jan 2005

yes good card.

Before you install get rid of all traces of your nvidea drivers. Go to device manager and remove your current graphics card.

There used to be an app called detonater destroyer which removed the drivers completly - don't know if it is still on the go click here good site for you to have a look at

  Muzz_former_aol_employee 10:34 27 Jan 2005

To be fair you shouldnt need to change graphics card just because of this issue. What OS are you running? I've come across simular problems to the one your having and was able to sort that. With more info we might be able to help more, do you get the error/crash entering games or randomally when playing?

If you do feel the need to change cards then the one you've picked is fairly decent.

  dazza39 11:03 27 Jan 2005

Hear what you saying, the message i get is the one mentioned above,it happens in gameplay a good example is Vampire Masquarade-Bloodlines one minute games fine the next it freezes even with the latest patch for it, and you have to reboot.I have tried changing the settings in the nvidia console,no joy,also my sons plays Everquset 2 online,and it crashed with a blue screen with the error message above,so the underlying problem has to be the card.

  dazza39 13:22 28 Jan 2005

It seems although my card says 128Meg on the box the AGP reads it as 64 Meg ummm...maybe thats why i'm getting probs,mind you i have it two years now.Does changing the AGP aperture in BIOS do anything to improve card?.

  JonnyTub 13:29 28 Jan 2005

put it up to 128, it sounds like the card's been throttled back at 64

  JonnyTub 13:32 28 Jan 2005

if you have the option in the bios enable agp data fast write, or something along them lines

  JonnyTub 13:38 28 Jan 2005

I've just checked a few other bios settings and if you have these options enable them:

1 AGP aperture size = 128mb

2 AGP data rate = x8

3 AGP fast write = enabled

Hope this helps.



  dazza39 14:10 28 Jan 2005

Thanks Jonny i'll try that later and see if that works,might save me buying a new card lol:-)though i don't know if changing like you suggested would allow me to update the drivers...i guess i'll try and see what happens.i have the above in BIOS so i can change them though no.3 is enabled already.

  JonnyTub 14:11 28 Jan 2005

as a precaution write down any settings you change

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