Graphics cards

  Wee George 14:10 23 Dec 2003

What is the differance between AGP and PCI interfaces on graphics cards and will an AGP fit my 3-4 year old P3 800 mhz computer. Many thanks

  Big Elf 14:42 23 Dec 2003

The AGP slot allows greater bandwidth and therefore speed but I don't know the technicalities.

PCI cards seem to be rare and often expensive for what you get these days. The AGP slot is normally brown and not as wide as a PCI slot. If you have the motherboard manual then it should tell you in that. If you don't have a manual then if you know the make and model number there's a good chance you can track it down on the Manufacturers site.

You have to be careful with the voltages as they changed sometimes when the standard was improved so you need to know, that if your motherboard supports AGP, what voltage it supplies.

  dfghjkl 22:47 23 Dec 2003

if you open pc case you can see should be on the left of your pci you should have a slightly shorter brown slot (agp slot)then several (2-6)white slots (they are pci slots)not to be confused with a short(2inch)brown slot wich would be for a amr(dont worry about it,quite rare)if you dont have an agp slot dont worry you can get pci versions of most nvidea cards up to £100 from pc world or in the mags even cheaper

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