graphics card woe's!!

  wolfie3000 14:50 11 Aug 2004

Can any one help iv just got a pc and i can only get 16 colours on screen at once.
it says its a standard pci graphics adapter the monitor can display 16.4 millions colours so what can i do?
Im running windows 98SE

  xania 16:18 11 Aug 2004

I suspect that the graphics driver has not been installed, so you are only working on the basic Mobo access. If this is on-board graphics the driver will be on the mobo supplied CD - otherwise on the CD supplied with the graphics card.

  wolfie3000 16:59 11 Aug 2004

thanks for the advice first where can i get the graphics driver and whats MOBO??
The graphics card is a seperate card its not on bourd i am not very good with this sort of stuff
any other advice would be very helpful as i need the computer up and running for the next college term

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:17 11 Aug 2004

MOBO = motherboard, you should have a CD that came with the Graphics card, that will have the drivers on.

Insert CD a start up file should load the drivers automatically.

Or download the drivers from the manufacturers web site.

Settings -control panel -system -hardware -device manager -display adapters- driver tab -update driver

  wolfie3000 17:56 11 Aug 2004

it wasd a second hand graphics card so i got no driver disk i searched for drivers on win98se and the hard drive with device manager with no luck the pc is not on the internet because iv got no modem for it so i cant searching for the driver on the net and i dont know who made the card either im not that good with things like this

  woodchip 18:04 11 Aug 2004

First Download AIDA from click here it will tell you what's inside the box including the graphics card

  rickf 18:11 11 Aug 2004

Follow woodchips advice unless you already know what it is, which I suspect you do as you bought it 2nd hand. Go the either nVidia or ATi and download and install the latest drivers. Would help to say what the card is if you you knew.

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