Graphics Card VIVO Connection

  Gaz W 18:32 05 Apr 2007

I've been looking for graphics cards with VIVO (Video In, Video Out). I have a capture card and I am aware of the advantages of those over solutions in graphics cards. However, I am looking for a graphics card with VIVO. I've noticed that most of the cards I've bought in the past have had an external connector from the S-Video output, rather than using the yellow connector often included on the board.

I've searched everywhere and can't find a device that would allow me to have video inputs actually on the front of my case.

I'm looking for that because I don't like plugging in extra cables to a case and having trailing cables for the occasions I would connect things to it. S-Video connections in my experience end up getting damaged by knocking the cable.

What I'm actually thinking of is specifically a device that runs from the graphics card to a spare drive bay at the front of the case with S-Video, Composite and audio in.

Does anyone know of either a card that comes with the internal VIVO connector, or at least a separate device that gives this connection?



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