Graphics card upgrade ---- what's my best option?

  Cybermaxx 13:15 18 Jul 2004

Okay I have this system:-

MSI 6701 motherboard
P4B 2.66 (533 FSB)
512 DDR 333 RAM
AGP slot (not sure if it's 4x or 8x)
250 Watt power supply

My current card, a Radeon 9000 64MB, isn't good enough for the newer games. I mostly play first person shooters, sometimes online. Which card would be my best bet for an upgrade?

  dfghjkl 13:41 18 Jul 2004

what is your budget?

  Totally-braindead 14:09 18 Jul 2004

The Ati 9800 Pro is good if you go for the Sapphire Lite edition you can get it for about the £120-130 mark, I've got a GeForce FX5900XT good card plays everything including Far Cry which needs a very good card and that also was about the same price. If you can't afford this amount then there are lots of others just under the £100 mark such as FX5700 and the like but they may struggle playing the very, very new games at a high resolution. It really depends on 2 things, how much you can spend and what sort of games you'll want to play. Whatever you buy my advice is buy a branded card by that I mean a well known make, Sapphire are excellent as are MSI and Gigabyte, anything by a well known company is ok.

  Cybermaxx 14:22 18 Jul 2004

I want to be able to play new and forthcoming first person shooters at 1024 by 768 resolution. I'm not sure whether my PC's power supply could handle a high-end card. As for my budget, assume there's no limit.

  ste_bla 14:39 18 Jul 2004

If you have no budget limit why not also get a new psu a good quality (eg antec) will be around 50 quid for a 400w?

  Cybermaxx 14:50 18 Jul 2004

I don't want to mess about with the power supply. The case isn't a full size ATX jobbie, and I'd rather just change the graphics card.......

  rickf 14:55 18 Jul 2004

I would go for the FX5900XT for just over a £100. Try MicroDirect. Mine palys everything you throw at it including FAr Cry, Pain Killer, Deus Ex etc. The suggestion to upgrade your psu is a good one as the 5900Xt has to have power supplied to it directly by a molex connection. 250w is very low nowadays. You can get a 600psu from Ebuyer for £22. It is excellents as I have one.

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