Graphics card upgrade help pls

  Omid1 11:54 11 Apr 2017

So i want to upgrade my graphics card to run games like h1z1 on good settings smoothly but i don't know how and what to do.

My pc specs are all here: click here want a budget card but a good card my max price is $150 AUD.

Would appreciate all help, thanks!


  Archonar 13:37 11 Apr 2017

I would recommend a gtx 1050. It should handle H1Z1 fine, and is good value, may be slightly over your budget but it will be worth the extra cost

  Omid1 03:21 12 Apr 2017

That's the card I've been looking to buy but how do i know if it fits into my pc? Thanks

  Archonar 11:58 12 Apr 2017

The 1050 is a very small card so I would be surprised if it didn't, but I'll have a look to make sure

  Omid1 03:14 13 Apr 2017

Thanks appreciate it!

  Omid1 12:56 13 Apr 2017

Also would i need a low profile one or something?

  Archonar 16:24 13 Apr 2017

I really can't tell you that without the dimensions of the space in the pc, might be worth opening it up to see how much space you have so you can be sure.

  Omid1 05:38 15 Apr 2017

I don't know how to open it up and/or what tools to use though! :/

  Archonar 13:39 16 Apr 2017

With these things its usually a case of just googling it: click here

  JeremyRundle 14:35 19 Apr 2017

you said "I don't know how to open it up and/or what tools to use though! :/"

Then don't bother, leave it alone, and any card for that price is rubbish, and if you have no idea how to fit something as simple as a GC then save up and take it to a shop

  onthelimit1 16:07 19 Apr 2017

Your 'click here' says the original card is 'Form Factor: Low profile with ATX bracket', so that should give you a clue!

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