graphics card upgrade advice req'd

  chris1971 12:27 07 Jul 2006

Hi everyone. I need some advice on replacing my graphics card. I currently have an ATI Radeon 9600XT AGP 128MB which has performed well - its just getting a bit long in the tooth now. I've got a budget of £100. Any suggestions?
Recently upgraded from an Sempron 2600+ to a P4 630 (3GHz), but still have an AGP interface. I used to be quite in with what was hot or not, but have been away from the scene for a while (fatherhood!!!).
Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

hi there you could get some good deals on the 9800pro/xt on ebay not so long ago(cracking cards)

  keef66 13:07 07 Jul 2006

6600GT from Ebuyer for about £90 click here

Plain vanilla 6800's should be about £125, but are now very hard to find in AGP flavour. (avoid the neutered 128 bit LE versions)

AGP owners are waiting to see if anyone produces a 7600gt in AGP form. That would be the dog's danglies.

If you prefer ATI try an X800GTO click here

or there's a bargain X800pro from Retek for £114 click here

Or if you want an up to date ATI card with shader 3 ability look for an X1600pro click here

  chris1971 14:23 07 Jul 2006

Thanks for your advice. I would prefer to stick with ATI - I used to have a GF2 PRO in the old days and thought the image quality poor when compared to my older and slower Voodoo at the time.
What are the main differences in performance between the X800s and X1600? Sorry if its a dumb question!

  vinnyT 15:11 07 Jul 2006

Not a dumb Q.

The x800 family was at the top end of aTis' previous gen cards (x850xpe was top I think, too many xs to remember).

The x1600 is in the middle (x1300s are the baby) of this generation of cards, it has not been well recieved by reviewers (or the gaming community) as the x800s have been outperforming it in tests.

Also, the x800s are generally outstanding overclockers (well documented on the net on how to oc these cards), not all cards will oc the same and you do run the risk of ruining it altogether.

To end, I would go for either of the x800 cards, mentioned above, rather than an x1600, just my opinion.

Hope this helps.

  chris1971 15:19 07 Jul 2006

Great advice. Thanks will shop around for an X800 card.
Thanks all for your help.

  vinnyT 15:46 07 Jul 2006


  keef66 15:57 07 Jul 2006

I was choosing cards to match your budget.
As VinnyT says, the X800GTO / PRO would knock spots off the X1600 in terms of sheer processing power.
The only benefit of the X1xxx series of cards is the shader 3 support which may be required to see all the effects in new / future games. I think the X1600 is the fastest ATI AGP card at the moment.

Because they are older generation cards the X800's give you a lot of bang for your buck.

Let us know how your shopping around goes. I expect you'll struggle to beat the Retek price of £114 for an X800pro. It's a bargain!

  keef66 16:45 07 Jul 2006

I meant the X1600 is the fastest card of the latest generation available in AGP form. The X1800 & X1900 seies are fine cards but only available in PCI-express flavour.

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