graphics card upgrade

  MJS WARLORD 14:51 28 Apr 2015

My packard bell ipower 9920 has a gtx 260 card and recently i have noticed that the backgrounds on games such as warframe "ripple" a bit when i turn. I would like to replace it with something like the gtx 750 that can be bought from shops such as pc world for around £129. Short of taking my current card out of my tower and comparing it with what i intend to buy , how do i know if the replacement will have the right sockets etc and be compatable with the rest of my system without having to upgrade anything else.

  Ian in Northampton 20:51 28 Apr 2015

The issue is likely to be one of available space in your system unit, and possibly whether your power supply is man enough. Either by researching or opening up your PC, find out the dimensions of your existing graphics card. Compare those with the dimensions of the GTX750. Also: check the wattage of your PSU, and see what PSU is recommended for the GTX750. At a guess, you won't have a problem - but check it out. Both will be PCI Express cards, so sockets etc. shouldn't be an issue.

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