graphics card upgrade

  morgueman 13:02 15 Feb 2008

Hello all, i have a nvidia GeForce 6200 card, which i want to upgrade. I play online games like Call of duty, Quake Wars, etc, so need a card for that but also a good general one for working on the pc.
Been looking at GeForce 8600 GT, which my local pc shop is selling, also saw the GeForce 8500 GT and was wondering if there was much of a difference between the two in performance and would you notice the difference? Also looked at XFX GeForce 8500 GT Fatal1ty. Can anyone help please?
I have Windows XP.

  RobCharles1981 13:38 15 Feb 2008

Most here recommend the 8800gt

something like this:

click here

  morgueman 13:48 15 Feb 2008

thanks for that rob, but i was trying to avoid spending that much, i wouldnt mind, but the wife might have someting to say about it if i did!

  Devil Fish 14:04 15 Feb 2008

8600gt if you are on a budget you may have to drop settings for decent performance wouldn't bother with the 8500 for games

however if you can persuade your wife the 8800gt is a very good card

anyway 8600gt click here

8800gt click here

  Armchair 14:32 15 Feb 2008

Can I assume from your mention of nVidia 8xxx series cards that you require a PCIe card, and not an AGP one?

  Armchair 14:36 15 Feb 2008

Anyway, if it is PCIe, I would go for one of these:-

click here

  morgueman 16:43 15 Feb 2008

just found out that my motherboard supports agp, so would have to change that if i wanted a pci one, also may have to upgrade the processor, it never rains, but it pours!! have to sweet talk the wife i think!
Thanks for everyones help.

  citadel 17:03 15 Feb 2008

you would need a new motherboard with a pci express slot. as you have agp you could get another agp card. the 6200 was the lowest in the 6 range and not meant for gaming.
there are a range of agp cards 7600gs, 7900gs, 7950, plus x1950pro and 3850 agp. any one would be miles better than a 6200.
you may need to get a psu upgrade for the best cards. 450w or better.

  Armchair 17:19 15 Feb 2008

AGP...... Just the card for you!

click here


  morgueman 19:56 15 Feb 2008

I was told that the AGP's are being phased out, so is it worth upgrading now to another AGP or spend the money now and go for a PCI board?

  citadel 20:09 15 Feb 2008

if you got a pci express board you would need ddr2 memory and unless you have a full reatil windows disc, the £200+ ones you woud need a oem version about £60.
that 7900gs would do you that armchair linked.

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