Graphics Card Upgrade

  Robotic_Rob 16:45 17 Mar 2007


Im looking at upgrading my graphics card. Ive been to a computer shop and they have asked me what type of graphics card slot do i have.

To be honest i dont know what the different types are and how to be able to tell which is which.

I have a Abit IC-7 Max3 motherboard and at the moment i have a Geforce 4 Ti4200 graphics card.

Here's a photo of my machine, ive put a red arrow to the graphics card.
click here

  Robotic_Rob 16:46 17 Mar 2007

I forgot to say..

Could someone please tell me what type i have or how i can tell which i have?



  chub_tor 17:28 17 Mar 2007

According to the spec for your motherboard you have an AGP graphics slot. Google Abit IC-7 Max 3 if you haven't got a book for your motherboard and you will soon find the specification.

  keef66 22:17 17 Mar 2007

Don't need to worry about motherboard specification, if you have a Ti4200 then your graphics slot is agp.

  Robotic_Rob 16:36 18 Mar 2007


Am i not able to have a pci or pci-express? As i believe i have a few pci slots on the motherboard?

  jam500 16:40 18 Mar 2007

PCI-Express is differant to PCI, First there was PCI and then AGP and now PCI-Express, As stated you have an AGP slot and that is the only slot for your card.

  Robotic_Rob 16:43 18 Mar 2007

Is there anything i should look for in a graphics card?

I know i should get one with as much memory as i can. And i now know i need to get one that slots into the AGP. Is there anything else ?

  keef66 09:49 19 Mar 2007

Why do you want to upgrade? Is the old one bust, or do you want to be playing newer games at better framerates / higher detail settings?

How much do you have to spend?

If you don't play games, you can get a decent card for £25 or less on the web.

If you're a gamer you should be putting aside considerably more dosh.

The graphics chip on the card is much, much more important than the amount of memory.

  Robotic_Rob 19:06 19 Mar 2007

I want to play games with better graphics. I play counter-strike and games like gta san andreas. And its alright, but i prefer sharper graphics that get updated quicker.

What graphics chips are good? Shall i guess that the price reflects the quality of the image? Or do you pay for features that don't use with some of them?

  citadel 19:25 19 Mar 2007

a good medium range agp card is 7600gs but you need to check that your power supply meeds requirements.

  keef66 09:39 20 Mar 2007

Yep, you're correct in assuming that with graphics cards you get what you pay for more or less. Since you need an AGP card, the choices are not too confusing. Have a look at Tom's Hardware article under AGP cards.

click here

A geforce 6600GT is an older card which, if you can still find one, will do what you want. Don't pay more than £70.

Next up is the 7600GS mentioned by Citadel, and the X1650 pro. Might find them for £90 or so.

Thereafter you're into £100 and above, plus you may find you need to upgrade your power supply.

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