graphics card upgrade

  SLAYER 08:40 05 Feb 2006

Sometime later this year I intend to build another PC,hopefully a reasonable high spec, but for now I just want to upgrade my agp radeon 9800 pro.Don't want to spend more than a 100 quid,hopefully less.Quite like the Nvidia 6600 but all advise welcome.

  Starfox 08:49 05 Feb 2006

You will need a reasonably powerful power supply unit.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 11:14 05 Feb 2006

you would notice any major difference between the two cards - I just replaced a 9700pro with a 6600GT (I just wanted a replacement due to the failure of the 9700) and there is very little (if any)performance change.

If it was my money I'd hold onto it and save up for something a bit better.

  gudgulf 11:37 05 Feb 2006

I agree with Arthur Scrimshaw.

The diifference is not huge between the two cards and is most noticable at the higher resolutions and with antialiasing/anisotrophic filtration applied.

One reason why it might be worth updating is the support for pixel shader 3.0 that the 6600GT you could use the latest HDR effects (but bear in mind the 6600GT is not really powerful enough to make full use of these effects)

Better to wait and put the cash towards the new pc.

  Cybermaxx 11:52 05 Feb 2006

I'm in the same boat, Slayer. 9600XT at the moment. Just fitted a better PSU, and am now looking at what's on offer. Definitely just buying a graphics card, not a new motherboard, CPU, memory etc.!

click here

Am tempted by the 6800GS. I know it's way over your budget, but it certainly offer a worthwhile frame rate boost. Those 7800GS cards may well be the ultimate AGP cards, btw. We shall see.......

Btw, your 9800 Pro is better than a vanilla 6600!

  SLAYER 16:16 05 Feb 2006

HL2 is a bit stuttery(is that a PC related word),the 9800 pro has been a good card, Doom3,Quake4, Far cry,F.E.A.R. played well.

cybermaxx, a tad over budget, but thanks anyway.

gugulf,I lean to wards your advise.

Arthur Scrimshaw, likewise ditto.

thanks all who took the time.

  Cybermaxx 20:07 07 Feb 2006

Another card to consider. X1600 Pro 256MB (AGP), £99.

click here

STill only uses a 128 bit memory interface, though.........

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