Graphics card upgrade

  skippo 13:13 02 Mar 2005

After being pointed in the right direction by LeadingMNM, I downloaded & ran Everest to check my MB & system specs. Found that my system has 1 AGP slot (Supports 4x/2x AGP or AIMM), 5 PCI slots & 1 CNR slot. Rest of system is Pentium 3 processor 933mhz, 512mb PC133 SDRAM, Win98, DirectX 9.0b, and MB = DFI CS65-EC i815E. My brother told me and I also read that the wattage of the PSU affects the type of Graphics card that can be effectively used. The only details I could see on the Everest results were that the CPU draws max power of 16-37.5W depending on clock speed but no mention of the PSU max output. My question is basically what is the best performance Graphics card that my current system can handle so I don't end up with something that either won't run to its full potential or is not much better than the onboard graphics controller I have now?

  garrema 13:44 02 Mar 2005

We really need to know the rating of the PSU to give firm advice. Open up the case and you may be able to see on the PSU a sticker with manufacturer and rating of the PSU.
A card like a 6600GT specifies a 300W and the 6800 types 300 + ( I am an Nvidia type)
A machine which was mid/top end about a year ago will perhaps have a 300 or 350 watt PSU.
With your current specs the card mentioned above are going to be way over what the rest of the system can handle. (no disrespect intended)
Perhaps look into an FX5600 on ebay there are a few and they don't need an additional power supply.
Question still remains about what PSU you have

  skippo 14:13 02 Mar 2005

Thanks for the advice garrema. My computer was built in June 2001 so you're right about its limitations (no offence taken!) I've opened up the case but cannot seem to find the PSU ! Where is it likely to be and what does it look like? I have a picture of the MotherBoard which I copied from the DFI website but could not see it on there either. Also, does the fact that I have 512mb PC133 SDRAM affect the optimum MB RAM the graphics card should have that is most suitable as I've seen plenty with DDRAM and obviously there are cards from 32mb up to 512mb?

  skippo 15:41 02 Mar 2005

OK - now I know what the PSU looks like ! Unfortunately I think the manufacturer sticker is on the side that I cannot see even with both sides of the case off. Is there any other way of finding out the PSU Rating?

  citadel 19:45 02 Mar 2005

you can easily unscrew it and have a look, only 4 screws. I had a old computer that was not up to playing modern games and decided it was easier to get a new powerful machine and keep the old one for using the internet etc.

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