Graphics Card Upgrade

  K.H 16:25 31 Dec 2003



I have been really considering purchasing a new graphics card for my machine and this is the link to the one i want: CREATIVE LABS 3D BLASTER 5 GEFORCE FX5200

This one is on the PC World website click here and its for £89.99, and considering how not so well off i am, i am going for that one, BUT, the main question is, will my machine support it?

Spec: 18.6Gb HD, 256 Ram, Windows XP, 1.10 Ghz Celeron, and a Intel 815 graphics controller at 32mb.


Help would be much appreciated


  Rayuk 16:28 31 Dec 2003

click here
As you are not so well off perhaps can save you a little cash.

Do you know make and model no.of your motherboard?

  hugh-265156 16:33 31 Dec 2003

from you specs above i doubt you will have any problems with compatibility.

update xp click here before installing your new card so any xp bugs are taken care of and after installing the new card get the latest drivers for it from click here

you may also wish to update your motherboard agp/ide/chipset drivers from the manufacturers website aswell if you feel up to it.might give everything a bit of a boost.

  Rayuk 16:36 31 Dec 2003

PCWorld card is 64Mb[AND Temp out of stock] Overclockers is 128Mb or you could up your card to the 5600 which is still only £81/odd

  clayton 17:14 31 Dec 2003
  DieSse 17:57 31 Dec 2003

I presume you've checked that your motherboard does have an AGP slot??

  K.H 18:16 31 Dec 2003

Well at least as far as i know my pc can handle a geforce. now its just buying one, but im not sure of the AGP slot ill check before i buy the card.

thanks again


  K.H 21:04 02 Jan 2004

The make of my motherboard is Intel

thanks alot


  K.H 16:36 24 Jan 2004

I have now ordered the "Creative 3D Blaster 5 GeForce FX 5200 128MB - Retail (GX-008-CL)" from the 'Overclockers UK' online store, and it should arrive by Tuesday, I predict. But, for preperation reasons, when I get it what is the first thing to do? Do i uninstall the drivers for my old Intel 'Internal' card, turn off my PC then plug in the GeForce into the 1 spare VGA port? Or what else? I haven't a clue as i have never installed a chip and don't know what to do. I am just praying that it will be compatible with my PC. Is it?!

Regards and thanks


  K.H 18:24 24 Jan 2004

Any suggestions?

  Rayuk 19:38 24 Jan 2004

Uninstal your old drivers reboot instal new graphics card boot up then instal new drivers.

Have a look in the bios just to check whether you have to disable onboard graphics if not installing into agp slot should just override it.

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