graphics card update?

  jfletcher02 20:54 03 Jan 2005

Hi all just like to start by thanks this is the a very good forum and the advice given is very useful. I have an advent which has an Nvidia fx5200 g card running at 256mb i am having probs playing several games as they just lock up or crash the pc is eight months old is my graphics card out of date for new games most recent sims 2 and should i get a upgrade and if so to what?

Thanks james

  LeadingMNMs 20:58 03 Jan 2005

I'm no expert on graphics cards, but I would have thought that a 256Mb card would be suitable for most games, if not all.

I suspect that your problem may lay elsewhere, such as a lack of memory.

  jfletcher02 21:01 03 Jan 2005

well i ahve a 1g ram and have about 300g hard drive free so i do not know why this is happening

  LeadingMNMs 21:05 03 Jan 2005

Are you running other programs when playing these games ? I also have 1Gb of RAM though find that some applications I leave running can take up huge chucks of memory, for example 300Mb. This is caused by the Java Runtime Environment, although it only takes up this amount of memory due to Java programs I am running. Either way, with this running games become very jerky and can stop.

  LeadingMNMs 21:07 03 Jan 2005

When the game locks up is the hard disk activity high ? By that I mean can you hear the hard disk writing alot.

  jfletcher02 21:07 03 Jan 2005

no i only have had the game runing apart from background proccesses

  jfletcher02 21:09 03 Jan 2005

sorry have not noticed i had extra fans fitted few months ago due to persistent overhaeting when writing to hard drives so is a bit noisy now alot of the time i have had alot of probs with this pc since purchase unfortunatley

  polish 21:29 03 Jan 2005

i would have thought your card would play sims2 ok it might be wurth checking the size of your power supply alot of premade machines only with small psu 250w i would recommend at least 400w maybe the new fans tipped the balance

  jfletcher02 22:41 03 Jan 2005

sounds good how do i know what wattage the power pack is

  polish 22:46 03 Jan 2005

you will have to take the side off the case and find the label on the power pack from experience i no the power pack makes a difference

  jfletcher02 23:01 03 Jan 2005

thanks for the info i have looked on some websites and for a 500w it is only £11 so i shall start here as it is by far thre cheapest option and again thanks for your help

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