graphics card for two monitors off one PC

  terendak_uk 22:06 16 Jul 2004

Bought a G card with two VGA ports....put two monitors on, no problem. Wanted to do that on another PC and noticed that existing Gcard supported two monitors, albeit with one port and a cable that bifurcated into a VGA and digital port. OK....put another monitor on...and got very confused. In the first instance I get two separate monitors, as I wanted, in the latter, I get an extended monitor. Hope that makes sense to very grateful for education..... Cheers

  TBH1 22:15 16 Jul 2004

this probably absolutely no help at all but - - -when I had a PC with a matrox duel screen card (can't remember model, 450 or something), although I never had 2 monitors on it, I read that there were a number of configurations for it, 2 of which were an extended kind of thing, and a setup with two different programs running on them. I think it will tell you in graphics card manual.

There, told you no help at all - - -I'll get me coat - - -

  terendak_uk 22:20 16 Jul 2004

me confused too.There's a thread of logic in what you say but, like in the "manual"'s not hitting me. Thanks for response tho!

  terendak_uk 22:25 16 Jul 2004

I added a second internal HD to a PC today, running XP. Took me 1/2 an hour to NOT find Management...I forgot, got very embarrassed, said I'd be back in a mo'...quickly searched archives here the answer quickly. Just knowing where/how to look, I think!Usually someone here can provide that "paradigm" shift in mentality/outlook

  TBH1 22:26 16 Jul 2004

and "bifurcated" - - - -whats that all about ????
Try finding info on graphics card via google

  TBH1 22:39 16 Jul 2004

flamin nora - "paradigm" ????

  terendak_uk 22:44 16 Jul 2004

Nvidia card does that to me....bifurcation's like barfing , only twice ;-)))

  terendak_uk 22:48 16 Jul 2004

The Gcard had one "plug" but came with a cable VGA and one DVi . I'm used to a Gcard with two "plugs", putting one monitor into one and the other...into the second, so got lost.Would like to know the diff between the two types of card

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