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Graphics card - TV Out

  Bailey08787 11:52 10 Oct 2005

I've just installed a new graphics card, which I'd like to hook up to my TV (for watching movies).

I've successfully done this before with other graphics cards, and have successfully done it with my new one. The only problem is the picture on the TV is black & white.

I remember having this problem before, but can't remember how I overcame it.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

My graphics card is a 128MB nVidia Geforce 6600GT PCI-Express Graphics with TV-Out and DVI

I'm connecting the PC & TV using a cable from the TV-Out to the scart on the back of the TV (as I've successfully done so before)


  Bailey08787 16:20 13 Oct 2005

thanks - tried the solutions in that link, but to no avail

so any more suggestions welcome

  Bailey08787 18:12 30 Oct 2005

i've changed it to I/PAL - for the UK - but the picture is still black and white

  Bailey08787 22:15 06 Nov 2005

any ideas?

  woodchip 22:17 06 Nov 2005

Check the tv is not NTSC

  Bailey08787 08:30 08 Nov 2005

the tv's English - its PAL - either way, I've tried it on both PAL and NTSC

  johnnyrocker 11:12 08 Nov 2005

click here which should help, i have nvidia graphics and that tool was perfect for me also make sure you have a full pin svs cable, also dont forget tv out does not generally carry audio which needed to be set up seperately in my case.


  Bailey08787 15:07 08 Nov 2005

i'm using a cable (which I successfully used on my old Leadtek Ti4400 GeForce 4 card) - it has an S-video end and 3 wires for audio - at the other end its scart.

I've tried it in all 3 of my Scart connectors on the back of the TV.

I've also installed TVtool but to no avail.

  Bailey08787 10:16 13 Nov 2005


I managed to resolve this issue. I had to change the scart setings on the TV - from AV to S-Video - thanks Seashanty.

However, I've now come across a new problem. I can now see my desktop on the TV in full colour glory, but whenever I put a movie on, nothing comes up on the screen. I've tried playing the movie with both Windows Media Player 10 and Divx - they appear fine on my pc monitor, but on my TV the picture is just black. I can hear the sound.

anyone know why this happens?


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