Graphics card - is temperature OK?

  bukkaz 21:43 29 Aug 2007

Recently installd a Sapphire X1650 PRO graphics card. The temperature doesn't seem to drop below 62degrees , but doesn't go above 74degrees when gaming. The upper limit is obviously OK but is the fact it doesn't go below 62degrees OK as my previous card used to tick over at about 43degrees.

  STREETWORK 22:00 29 Aug 2007
  citadel 22:03 29 Aug 2007

gpu's are made to withstand high temperature. Good airflow through the case is advisable.

  umbongo(uk) 22:08 29 Aug 2007

well you are using the stock cooler so no it wont drop below 63

then theres the point of how many fans your comp use,s ,and cooling arrangement inside the comp. what card you were using before ie a less power hungry one with less piplines and lower memorey clock.there are many factors in this as companys use a "stock" cooler that is cheap yet keeps the card within tolerance range

having a fan at the front bottom of a case can knock these temps down

all in all the 1650 on idle is still a hot card and the 1950 even hotter

most cards if they go above the set temps now will clock themselves down until enough heat disapation has ocured .as to not fry themselves

  bukkaz 09:31 31 Aug 2007

Thanks for the replies.

Regarding a fan at the front bottom of the case, any suggestions as to a suitable one and how would I attach it and how would I connect to a power source?

  umbongo(uk) 13:18 31 Aug 2007

before i start you do have a vent on the bottom front of your pc case and a vent up top near the psu as you can use two
one to drag cool air in at the bottom and one at the top back to expell the air
adding fan can increase the cooling efficiency of grfx , motherboard and cpu

dont forget bottom PULLS cool air in
and the top blows hot air out most psu come with inbuilt fans now so its hard to say wether the top fan is of any use (mine works fine with one and the psu doing the expelling of hot air but then again neither the cpu or gpu have stock cooling on them tht originaly came with them)

ok here go,s if you have a spare 120mm one hanging around use tht if not a link to what your looking for
click here
you want a large fan because getting a small one will make an annoying whizzing din as there are more rotations to create the same volume of air intake

to connect most will come with the screws or rubber push in tabs

you will usualy have a spare connection on the motherboard to plug it in

fan adapter if you dont have a spare case fan connector on the motherboard this will also have extra connectors , 2 running at low rate and two on full speed so if you plan on adding more to the system it comes in handy
click here

the link are just idea,s search diffrent online store,s etc to find them cheaper
hope this helps

  bukkaz 11:29 04 Sep 2007

Thanks umbongo. Don't have a vent at the bottom. will buy a better fan for the side and see how that does. although, as I say, it doesn't go above 74 0r 75 when gaming so hopefully I won't have a problem.

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