Graphics Card support 1600x1200

  peter4076 14:38 15 Jan 2005

I have a NVIDIA GeForce2 MX at moment running a 15inch generic TFT Monitor it is 32 bit colour and maximum settings are 1024x768 which is what I run it at, I am interested in the "Dell 2001FP" 20 inch TFT Monitor (all reduced at moment) which displays at 1600x1200, my question is Would I have to buy another Graphics card to support 1600x1200 or is it the monitor I have at present holding it back. Your expert opinions are much sought after in my house.

  FelixTCat 15:00 15 Jan 2005

I highly doubt that your adapter will support 1600x1200 but the best way to check is to right-click on an empty part of the desktop and open Properties - Settings - Advanced - Adapter and click List All Modes. It will tell you the resolutions and colour depths supported by your adapter

  peter4076 18:53 15 Jan 2005

Thanks for the input FelixTCat, been on NVIDIA website and it says it will support resolution 2048x1536 this seems to me quite a lot considering the card is about 3+ yrs old and only 64mb.........The slider is fully to the right and locked out to 1024x768

  Colinp 21:14 15 Jan 2005

I am running an Elsa Gladiac Geforce2 MX/MX400 64Mb Gfx card, which according to display properties, will go up to 1920 by 1440 pixels.

  peter4076 22:03 15 Jan 2005

Thanks for your input, Are you saying ßéLâ that WindowsXP would accomodate 1600x1200 with my present Card, because when I try to go into all the tabs on NVIDIA dialogue box, I get a critical error box, it's as if it wants to be left alone.

  Dorsai 22:45 15 Jan 2005

I have a 32Mb card, and it will go up to 1280x1024 @ 32bit, so i would assume your 64Mb card would do at least the same. (Xp home, CRT, 3D prophet AGP card.)

What Bela was trying to say is that the reason you can't go past 1024x768 is because your TFT monitor is incapable of running at anything beyond 1024x768, and windows knows this, so prevents you chosing a setting that your minitor can't 'do'.

I cant set a refresh rate higher that 60Hz at 1280x1024 as my CRT cant do 1280x1024 above 60Hz. If i try, i get a monitor error 'out of range'.

As for the critical error, i suspect that this may be a compleatly different matter. Perhaps the drivers are corrupt, or not fully supported by XP?

  peter4076 08:57 16 Jan 2005

I thankyou all the above for your time & effort,
Dorsai thankyou for helping to solve this little problem, you have put my mind at ease. I will be ticking the resolved box.

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