graphics card stopped working please help

  Nik Walejewski 04:34 17 Mar 2018

i bought neir automata and learned that the game is incompatible with nvidia 780 gtx graphics card. the screen freezes. after trying a few times i gave up and refunded the game. when i started up a different game i play alot (warhammer total war) the game booted then my computer crashed and wouldnt turn back on. i noticed none of the 3 fans on the card are spinning. i had to plug my hdmi into the normal non video card slot to get my computer to boot. its not detecting my card at all and i cant play any games.
the screen wont turn on when i boot through the video card. ive found several other people who had thier 780 fry after playing neir automata and its something to do with the direct x version they used.

is my card fried?? what are the odds that i run into this game and then it frying like this.

im running off 850 watt supply. my card is about 3 years old and is gigabyte brand.

i noticed alot of dust in the fans that i cleaned out. is there anyway to try and kickstart it.

i lost my job last week and cant get a new card for quite awhile. i dont know what to do

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:29 17 Mar 2018

try uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers for the card.

may be worth tring an older version of the drivers.

  alanrwood 11:18 17 Mar 2018

If the card fans are not running it is not a software problem. Remove the graphics card and clean the contacts. Reinsert it carefully and remove it again. Repeat this a few times in case the card socket has oxidised a bit. This may clean it up sufficiently. Finally reinsert carefully and ensure it is locked in position correctly. Ensure the 6/8 pin additional power plug is correctly inserted after trying the same in/out routine. Hopefully this MAY sort it out.

If still no luck I would suspect the PSU is probably failing to supply the 6/8 pin additional power plug. Try another PSU if you can borrow one.

  Nik Walejewski 02:31 18 Mar 2018

i took it out and cleaned it. it was pretty dirty. i tried plugging it into the other red pluggin on the power supply. still no luck. how can i tell if its my power supply or my card. i removed the card twice and reinserted it and it still wont detect anything is plugged in at all.

there was a few times awhile ago my computer would close out a game and just shut off on me and restarted. i didnt think anything of it at the time but this time it did it mid game and wont turn back on.

i got laid off at my job last week so money is tight, i really need to be sure before i buy a new part.

i appreciate the help so far greatly

  wee eddie 11:22 18 Mar 2018

When you cleaned it, did you take the cover off and make sure that the internal airways were clear?

  alanrwood 11:26 18 Mar 2018

Unfortunately unless you have some knowledge of electrical power supplies and how to test them you are a bit stuck.

You could try one of these but again a waste of money if the PSU is OK. I would try and borrow either a PSU or a video card from a friend if that is possible or maybe ask them to install your video card into one of their machines.

click here

  Nik Walejewski 05:43 19 Mar 2018

anytime i try to start bios i get a black screen, is this related? i have a ultra durable 8 series gigabyte motherboard. why cant i get into bios? is it because im plugged into a 4k?

  luciferwhite2 00:46 29 Aug 2018

The working part which is going to make the work easy to have it more applicable where you must have it for the find out the solution for it and need to ake the work for it through hp support will have it for the best part.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:09 29 Aug 2018

luciferwhite2 is a spammer

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