Graphics card - SLI question

  VNAM75 14:40 18 Nov 2007

I have a gigabyte 6600gt, 128mb, pci express graphics card in my pc with an amd 3800 cpu. When I bought it 2 years ago, if i wanted an sli setup I would havee needed 2 identical cards ie. 2 x gigabyte 128 mb cards. I doubt if this card is still on sale.

Are there any drivers that would enable me to use a different make of card to set up sli with my current one?

Or could I even use a 6800gt or above to link with my 6600gt?

If not I will just have a single 256mb 6800gt, they are quite cheap.

I need to have 256mb graphics memory to play a game I want to buy.

  Mavisk 15:36 18 Nov 2007

You need to use the same card, as the one that's already in your PC.You can, using the latest drivers
use a card from a different manufacturer as long as its the same model,ie another 6600gt.It is possible
by using some downloaded software to use a 256 mb
6600gt with yours,but it would run at the slower speed 128mb,so there's not much point.
Also if you're going down the sli route make sure you're power supply is powerful enough to drive two cards.
In my experience sli is only worth it at higher resolutions, if you're monitor is above say 22 inches.
Your best bet is probably to get the best single card
you can afford.

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