graphics card to run a 1680 x 1050 tft monitor

  keef66 12:30 09 Mar 2007

A colleague has a Samsung 205bw 20" widescreen monitor, but no dvi output on his pc, so he's getting a less than beautiful picture and blurry text.

What's the cheapest graphics card with DVI output which will support the monitor's native resolution of 1680 x 1050? AGP I suspect

(I have the same monitor and run DVI from a 6600 card with spectacular results, but if it can be done for £20 or so it would be good)

  Gongoozler 14:17 09 Mar 2007

I've ordered the same monitor, and intend to buy this graphics card in the hopes that it's suitable click here

  [email protected] 14:25 09 Mar 2007

Although I've never used a monitor of that size, I have compared DVI and VGA and never seen a noticable difference.

I'm more inclined to think that the problem lies with a setting on his computer. Has he definately got the resoltion set at the monitor's native resolution? If not, there is a massive drop in image quality, even if DVI is used.

Also, the refresh rate can have an effect on the image quality too. I discovered this when my friend bought a Viewsonic monitor at xmas and at 60hz the text was a bit fuzzy. Increasing it to 72/75Hz (I can't remember which one now) made a big difference.

If you really want to confirm this, connect his monitor to your computer but use a VGA cable and see what the result is (you might have to use a DVI - VGA convertor which are normally supplied with DVI only graphics cards). I will be very surprised if simply switching from VGA to DVI will make any significant difference.

  Stuartli 14:56 09 Mar 2007

TFT monitors usually require a 60MHz refresh rate and native resolution settings.

A run down of the difference between CRT and TFT monitors can be found at:

click here

  keef66 15:00 09 Mar 2007

There's quite a noticeable difference on mine between VGA and DVI at the native resolution; I was very pleasantly surprised. The display is pin-sharp to the extent that some of the icons appear almost three dimensional.

I understand his pc won't go as high as 1680 x 1050 using the onboard graphics, and if he's going to have to buy a card it might as well have a DVI connector.

Think I'll point him in the direction of the 6200 card Gongoozler linked to; it's not much dearer than the older FX5200 I was considering

  Rigga 15:42 09 Mar 2007

There's an X600 AIW Pro here for £14.37 > click here <

It gets slightly better ratings on Toms Hardware > click here < than the 6200


  Gongoozler 16:01 09 Mar 2007

Rigga, I think the X600 AIW you link to is PCIE. keef66 mentions AGP.

  Rigga 18:33 09 Mar 2007

Oops.. :)

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