Graphics Card requires 350-watt PSU mine is 300?

  dave726587 17:15 02 Feb 2009

I just noticed that my computer only has a 300 watt PSU (power supply) and my graphics card requires a 350 watt PSU, is this a bad thing? will it cause problems to my computer?


  jack 17:22 02 Feb 2009

Is this a new machine?
For normal computing needs 300 watt is fine.
A graphics card 'pulling' 350 watt will only do so in a high activity mode such as Games a graphics editing
If you are into that then potentially the PSU will not cut it and shut down I would imagine.
Going back to the original precept - if it's new send it back,or if it is a replacement GC then the PSU should be upped to say 400/450 watt

  Pineman100 17:25 02 Feb 2009

Even if you're not gaming, the PSU would clearly seem *not* to be fit for purpose.

So you would probably be justified in asking the computer supplier to fit an uprated PSU.

  dave726587 17:26 02 Feb 2009

Ive had the graphics card since summer last year, and theres been no problems even when gaming?

  jack 17:28 02 Feb 2009

but if still under warranty and it concerns you - take it back

  dave726587 17:30 02 Feb 2009

im just curious to know if it will make the card give less performance in games etc

  gazzaho 18:22 02 Feb 2009

One thing to consider is adding additional devices at a later date, if you decide to install an internal hard drive or other components it could well push the PSU over the limit, It may be just coping with the load now, add something new and it could push it over the edge.

  mrwoowoo 18:34 02 Feb 2009

No it will not detract from the cards game performance.It will either run or not.
Graphics card PSU requirements are rated in conjunction with an average PC's requirements.
This is probably two hard drives and a fairly powerfull CPU along with two dvd and writer drives.
If your PC's hardware pulls less power than GPU manufacturers calculated allwance then it will run fine,so no need to worry.
As gazzaho say's,adding extra hardware will tip it over the top though.

  dave726587 18:37 02 Feb 2009

thanks for all the info

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