Graphics card replacement/drivers?

  slow learner 21:46 06 Feb 2007

According to my invoice I have a "128mb DDR ATI Radeon 9800 SE All-in-Wonder Graphics with TV tuner & DVI". It is faulty or dead. I can't download drivers on the WXP(SP2)PC its from as there is "no video input" only showing on the monitor. Unless there is a way to dowload drivers on this PC (W98) and transfer them to my WXP PC, I'm thinking I need to get a cheap replacement (my boys no longer use it for games etc, so something just for surfing and basic use would be fine). Any suggestions? Can I get drivers to check it first in these circumstances or must I get a card to get it working and if so what one?

  Technotiger 21:50 06 Feb 2007

Hi, are you sure that the card is faulty - might be worth checking all physical connections and checking that card is properly seated, remove the card and then refit it. Check connections to monitor etc.

  slow learner 22:00 06 Feb 2007

Yep, all checked. In fact got this far from extensive help on another thread. Unfortunately it was doing exactly what you (and others before you) said that left me where I am now - no complaints, I had a fault anyway - now I need to get back up and running and the drivers or a new card was my next step, according to the previous threads.

  Technotiger 22:07 06 Feb 2007

Hmmm, if you can download the drivers onto this pc, then perhaps you could put them on a Flash-drive or similar and transfer them to XP pc.

If you had them on flash-drive connected to XP pc, then reboot and perhaps XP would find the drivers and do the rest!

Sorry I am only guessing, but you have nothing to lose by trying - at least it is what I would do.

  Technotiger 22:08 06 Feb 2007

As a last resort - a new card!

  Strawballs 22:23 06 Feb 2007

Is there another blue socket on the back of the tower the same as the one that the monitor is plugged into but vertical and higher up?

if so then your mother board has onboard graphics and if all you want to do is surfing and basics then this would be fine.

Remove the card and try plugging the monitor into it.

  slow learner 18:37 07 Feb 2007

Strawballs got me excited, but sadly although I have a blue socket, and a green one and a red one too, the white plug for the monitor doesn't fit any - different size/pin configurations, etc.

I'd like to give Technotiger's idea a try. I only have floppy drive and disks (yes, still using them!) for this pc, so as long as drivers will fit on a floppy all I need to know is where to get the drivers. So, is a floppy worth a try? If so where do I go for the drivers?

  slow learner 16:42 10 Feb 2007

Downloaded drivers to cd, reseated card, rebooted pc ready to try and install drivers from cd and the screen opened normally and showed none of those nasty marks throughout the process. Plugged rest of ware back in one peace at a time starting and restarting pv to make sure ntohing changed and put the pc back in place and all still well.

Perhaps after all this it was a badly located card! If only they could be made so one would know if it was or wasn't seated properly!!

Then again, perhaps it was something else altogether. Will hold onto drivers just in case. Who can ever really know in this virtual world?!!!!!

  Technotiger 20:12 10 Feb 2007

Grrreat, glad all is ok for you again.

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