Graphics Card removal

  HenryVII 14:48 03 Aug 2011

I want to remove a geforce gt 8800 graphics card. I can't get the hooked end away from the PCI slot. I don't want to damage the motherboard. What's the trick?

  proudfoot 16:15 03 Aug 2011

I had no problem when I replaced my graphics card. There is sometimes a screw or a clip on the metal panel with the sockets on, this has to be removed. The card then should lift out of the slot easily. When fitting the new one make sure the tab on the other end of the metal plate is in its slot.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:02 03 Aug 2011

Rocking gently end to end along the slot also helps

  HenryVII 18:36 03 Aug 2011

Thank you both. I've tried rocking the card, but something I can't see or feel seems to jam it. All except the rightmost corner comes away quite easily. The socket starts to move alarmingly if I pull any harder. I must say I've never had a similar problem when replacing other components in the past. I'll have to have another look, maybe using a torch and a small mirror.

  PSF 23:45 03 Aug 2011

There wil be a small clip near the hooked end of the card. You will need to gently move it to one side to remove the card. It can be similar to the one on the end of the ram cards. Once you move the clip the card should come out with litle force, if you rock it back and forth too much you could damage the tracks on the card connector.

  PSF 00:00 04 Aug 2011

Have a look at , it will not be the same as yours but you can see the clips on the end of the graphics card slots. If you know the make of your motherboard have a look on the manufacturer’s site for the manual. That will give you detailed instructions how to remove and refit the card. If you are replacing the card you will need to remove the drivers first, then shutdown the pc, remove old card install the new one and then install the new drivers after the pc has re-started.

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