Graphics card recomendation?

  jake2 15:26 08 Mar 2005

During gameplay certain games slow right down on my pc, so I guess that the old graphics card cant handle things and could do with replacing!
The pc spec is as follows. amd athlonxp 2400+, 60gb hard drive, 512 ddr ram motherboard has 4x agp. (this is from memory?!) and the power supply is 300w. The graphics card is an Nvdia geforce mx 64mb.
I guess that the spec of my pc would put 256mb cards out of my reach and to be honest dont want to spend hundreds on a card anyway.
So I am thinking along the lines of a 128mb card as, not sure what to choose, any thoughts?

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:43 08 Mar 2005

I have had one of these click here for more than a year and still works perfectly, including an overclock of about 10%.

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:46 08 Mar 2005

Don't be mislead by the link address telling you it is an FX5900 ultra. It is not, it is the standard, slightly slower, much cheaper, FX 5900.

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:50 08 Mar 2005

The assertion on the Dealtime website that this item is in stock is wrong, just checked for myself.

  jake2 15:51 08 Mar 2005

Thanks Mr Mistoffelees I'll have a look at that, I think my motherboard has only 4x agp does it matter that the card you mention is 8x?

  PsiFox 15:53 08 Mar 2005

The type of card you buy to some extent depends on the type of games you wish to play.

consider therefore increasing system RAM to 1 Gig.

additionally some of the newer GDX cards ewould require you to get a more powerful PSU.


  PsiFox 15:53 08 Mar 2005

Sorry GDX = GFX


  jake2 16:01 08 Mar 2005

Not heavilly into gaming mostly racing games its need for speed 2 that brought this to light, at certain points it the game it slows right down sometimes juddering (really annoying!!) was just looking at a quick fix and thinking that upgrading the graphics card would buy me some time. I thought a while back about changing the motherboard with a view to buliding a higher spec system over time but with the price of some of the new systems now I think I'll make do for now. So thinking of best I could get out of the original motherboard and psu for now. I realise that its going to be miles away from a high spec up to date system but thats ok just as long as the game plays ok.

  ThePharcyde007 16:49 08 Mar 2005

get a 9800Pro 300Watt PSU is fine. I am running a P4 3.4 1GB Ram 2 CD drives 2 h/d and a 9800 pro which requires a power connection all fine on a 300watt.

I cannot recommend the 9800 pro more than anything for the budget. I can play ALL games at 1024*768 at high res no probs (this includes half life 2, doom 3 & Far cry) this is standard not overclocked.

£88 click here

  ThePharcyde007 16:52 08 Mar 2005

ps looking at your last post NFS Underground works a treat too :-D

  jake2 16:44 12 Mar 2005

Thanks for all the advice, just a couple of (probably stupid) questions. When changing the graphics card is it just like changing a pci card? Unplug old, plug in new, load driver?
And does it make any difference that the pc at the moment uses an nvidia card if I change to any other make of graphics card?

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