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  Benjamin2008 11:17 01 Apr 2008

Hello, I have been looking at getting a high end Graphics card for my desktop. I am looking at the Nvidia GEforce 8800GTX

My question is what is the difference between all the different companies that produce this card. I thought just Nvidia would produce this card but I have seen the following companies selling it


etc., etc

They all say they are the geforce 8800gtx but they are all from different companies and all set at different prices. Am a little confused and want to buy a good card for under £300

Please could someone recommend or advise?

Kind regards


  Totally-braindead 11:49 01 Apr 2008

Personally I prefer to buy a branded card. I tend to think, rightly or wrongly I don't know, that the branded makes of cards are better quality.
The only time I have problems with a card is when it wasn't branded. I have an XFX one just now and my previous one was an MSI and the one before was a Gigabyte one. All branded cards and all are still working perfectly and one of them is now maybe 6 years old.
I did have two non branded cards, one was faulty on arrival and the other failed after a few weeks.
I can't afford a card as expensive as the ones you are looking at so cannot advise but create a shortlist and then see if you can find a review of the particular card, Toms Hardware website is good for this as they review a lot of stuff.

  [email protected] 11:59 01 Apr 2008

The heart of the VGA is the chip and this is the same for all the cards (8800gtx that is).
Different manufacturers take this and build their own VGA around it (bit like lots of PC's where only the CPU is the same).
You pays yer money and you takes yer choice basically. I have been running an MSI 8600GTS for some time and I am delighted with it, others will give opinions of their VGA.. Not much else anyone can add other than try to compare visually but that is hard if not impossible to do.
I also ran an ATI X800 by MediaMax and had no complaints.
The important thing is compatibility and what do you get for your money (amount of memory/DVI ports etc).

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