Graphics card question

  shaggy0056 14:41 09 Feb 2005

Hi all! I'm reposting this question after initially not posting under a concise enough title (ie HELP!)

I'm after a new graphics card but don't know where to start. At the mo I've just got a Geforce2 which isn't quite up to the job when playing games such as UT2004. I'm prepared to spend up to about £70.

Spec: Athlon XP2000+
512mb RAM 133Mhz
Jetway V266B

Any suggestions most gratefully received.



  Bleep 14:48 09 Feb 2005

ATI 9700 will be the best bet for the amount you have to spend: click here

  mattyc_92 14:48 09 Feb 2005

I have brought a "NVIDIA G-Force FX 5500" and it was only £60.... I haven't tested it yet, but it came with Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow, so that suggests that it is a pretty good card...

  Storik 15:26 09 Feb 2005

I bought this one.......
click here
If you end up on Simply's Home page, the code for this is 49820 - type it in the box (top left).

Nothing fantastic, but does come bundled with some decent software and, providing you are running XP (mine didn't have a 98SE driver on the CD) installs without problems. Should do what you want it to do.


  Storik 15:27 09 Feb 2005

this did not c

  Storik 15:29 09 Feb 2005

Sorry the cut & paste did not work and the above was supposed to clear not post.

click here

Might help


  ACOLYTE 15:56 09 Feb 2005

I got a FX5700 with Farcry Game for £79.99 some time ago now though and it works all the games i have fine.I used to have the FX5200 and was a good card but wasnt quite fast enough for some of the top end games.Pandora tommorow online play is great but hard lol.

  Noelg23 15:58 09 Feb 2005

you can pick up an FX5700LE or 9700 for a very decent price if you go to click here you cant go wrong mate...I am still wanting a new AGP card cos my one cant play Doom 3 :(

  shaggy0056 16:07 09 Feb 2005

Hey, cheers folks! I'm a definite PC dimwit, so this site is a godsend.

Again, thanks!


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