graphics card problems?

  stevenmalltraeth 14:57 17 Jan 2009

after installing nvidia 7200GS on my computer
which was hp pavillion slimline 3.4ghz 2gb ram and had it's own intergrated graphics i find the subscore of the new card is 2.4 on gaming graphics
whereas it was 3.1 even though i have downloaded the latest driver is this just the new card or do i need to adjust something? i have checked bios which confirms it is running the new card. My os is vista premium.

  howard64 16:20 17 Jan 2009

did you uninstall the old card driver and reboot before installing the new one?

  stevenmalltraeth 14:09 18 Jan 2009

it did not have a card previously as the graphics were intergrated how would i be able to remove intergrated drivers?especially if i needed to use the computer before installing the new card

  howard64 16:20 18 Jan 2009

did you then go into the bios and set it to disable the onboard graphics?

  stevenmalltraeth 09:16 19 Jan 2009

how do you get into the bios to disable the onboard graphics?

  stevenmalltraeth 09:26 19 Jan 2009

i have been into bios on setup but on the video adapter t automatically adjusts to the graphics u are using ie.on board ( )
Graphics card ( )
pci graphics card (.)
or something very similar is this what you mean?

  howard64 14:11 19 Jan 2009

yes you should be able to disable it in the bios
and then with luck your new card will use its drivers to give you the latest effects

  retep888 14:29 19 Jan 2009

On a modern motherboard nowaday, once it detected you've put in an external gx card it'll disable the onboard graphic,you don't need to do anything else.

Your 7200GS is a very low end gx card(don't want to be mean,sorry),even a 7800gtx ultra will score a mere 4.5 only,I suspect your onboard graphic can do better than what your new card can.

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