Graphics card problems

  Wilber6 10:13 19 Mar 2006

I have an Athlon 3000+ 64 bit, 1056 Mb RAM, ASUS K8VSE Deluxe M/B, 160 Gb H/D, Radeon 9200 128Mb graphics, 15" TFT monitor. The power supply is 6A, 350 watt.The whole system is about 12 months old.

Only very recently on playing DVDs or 'newer' games that push the graphics card, (eg Half Life, Quake Arena), the monitor display goes totally white, goes into standby, then comes back on, and everything is ok for another 10 minutes or so, when this is repeated. I have removed the card, cleaned the connections, air blasted any dust from the fans and ventilation holes on the case and replaced the card. Still the problem persists.

On less demanding games, MS Office, and photo manipulation, there is no problem, even after hours of use.

I have now installed a brand new card, an Nvidia Geforce FX 5500 256 Mb. I have even removed the modem card directly below to ensure good ventilation. If anything, the problem has got worse, happening more often.

Do you have any suggestions as to the problem, or how to correct it?

Many thanks,
Neil Wilton

  rmcqua 10:21 19 Mar 2006

Is your RAM speed adequate (PC3200 minimum, I would suggest) and is the RAM of a reptuable, quality brand?

  johnnyrocker 10:37 19 Mar 2006

sounds to me like a beam current issue with the monitor and it shuts off to protect itself?


  ulrich 11:23 19 Mar 2006

You are pushing that GCard with these games.

  mehome 11:48 19 Mar 2006

try uninstalling the agp drivers from your motherboard

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