Graphics card problem red lines

  cheal2 18:09 06 Jan 2018

Graphics card is a MSI R7970 lightning twin frozr with windows 10 64bit.

My sons desktop pc was working fine up to a few weeks ago when it suddenly crashed. Now when he starts it up all screen including the black start up screen there are strips of red lines down the screen.

I cannot see how to attach a photo to show. When trying to boot into windows the screen just goes blank (no red line or anything). I am able to boot into safe mode ok, red line present. Uninstalled the graphics card and able to boot into windows with a generic driver, but red lines still present. As soon as I try and install a driver for the graphics card then the screen just goes blank and stays blank, I have tried a few different drivers for the card. I have tested with another graphics card and all ok with no red lines(but no good for sons pc as far too slow) Is there anything I can do?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:16 06 Jan 2018

If its still red in safe mode I would be tempted to check the cable connection HDMI DVi VGA?

  wee eddie 18:29 06 Jan 2018

Possibly a bent pin

  cheal2 18:47 06 Jan 2018

It is a mini display port connection coming from the card and I do not have another yet, I will try and get on asap. Why would the screen go blank when driver installed, or could this a a second problem? Thanks for your help.

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