Graphics Card Problem

  Sandy110 22:33 26 Aug 2005

I've just purchased a new PC (E Machines E4020).
I would like to fit a better graphics card but there is no AGP slot on the motherboard just PCI slots. The motherboard spec says they are PCIe slots but I've tried a PCIe graphics card and it won't fit. Any suggestions?

  Wrinkles 22:52 26 Aug 2005

The spec on the site doesn't list available PCI/AGP slots but as it has Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 900 Up to 224MB shared I would have thought there was no need to add a "Better" graphics card

  AndySD 22:58 26 Aug 2005

click here the PCIe looks like either of the short white slots next to the fan.

  Sandy110 23:07 26 Aug 2005

Thanks for that. The motherboard is an Intel D915GAG AAC87709-302 but doesn't resemble the picture you posted. Can I just buy a standard PCI graphics card?

  AndySD 23:15 26 Aug 2005

click here This One?

If so yes it will run standard PCI Graphics cards.

  Sandy110 23:20 26 Aug 2005

Thats the one. Thanks for the help

  DieSse 23:20 26 Aug 2005

"Can I just buy a standard PCI graphics card?"

You could if you can find one that is going to be an improvement on the on-board graphics.

I doubt that on both counts - they are very unusual these days - and tend to be older technology cards that are unlikely to improve your graphics performance.

Not impossible - just very unlikely.

  Sandy110 23:39 26 Aug 2005

I do a lot of CAD & GIS work and the onboard graphics appear to be very slow to refresh. That's why I thought a seperate card might improve things a little

  AndySD 23:43 26 Aug 2005

Hoe much RAM have you in the pc?

  DieSse 23:43 26 Aug 2005

More RAM might improve things - then that "stolen" by the graphics can be mitigated against - how much RAM have you got?

Methinks you should have chosen a system with a seperate graphics card to do CAD work - who advised you this system would be suitable - if the shop, then you may have a csae for a refund/upgrade.

  Sandy110 23:51 26 Aug 2005

There's 512 DDR at the moment with another 512 coming tomorrow.

A "friend" advised on the PC. It looks like I may have to do some appropriate backside kicking!

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