graphics card problem

  User-2F8B7A50-860F-4E4A-9D25A34A37589C49 22:15 11 Mar 2005

hi ..ive just installed a radeon 9200 se 128 mb graphics card on my pc sytem only had 32mb on board ..however it runs very sluggish when i try to play a game and sometimes sticks then runs there anyone who can help me correct this prob ..i also installed another 256 ram to see if this corrects the problem ..but no joy ..this is driving me bananas..hope you can processor is pentium 3..cheers garry

  citadel 22:28 11 Mar 2005

It all depends on what game you want to play. The 9200se is not very powerful and will struggle with new games, doom, half life 2 etc. You may see improvement if you lower the effects, detail, shadows etc in each games video options.

  ACOLYTE 22:28 11 Mar 2005

Not sure i understand,did you have only 32MB system Ram? or 32Mb onboard graffix?,if so what was the total amount before you added the extra 256,and if it was on board graffix did you disable it in bios and uninstall the old drivers.

hi ..i had 32mb onboard intergrated graphics ..i tried to disable but there was no option to do so in bios? so i just intstalled the graphics card ..however i had to download drivers of web site as it wouldnt allow me to install from disc it said failed to run installation ..the game im playing is a racing game ,,and what i have should more than meet the spec req,,hope this helps ..also ive got 128 plus another 256 memory in my system ..cheers garry

  ACOLYTE 22:45 11 Mar 2005

It may be if you havent yet disabled the onboard graffix that the problem lies there the system may be using resorces for 2 cards and not leaving a lot for the other things like your game did you uninstall the old drivers?as to where the option is in the bios that would depend on the mobo but it should be there somewhere,lol.

  citadel 22:47 11 Mar 2005

you do not need to disable onboard graphics as they are auto disabled when a graphics card is inserted in the agp slot.

  THE TERMINATOR 22:50 11 Mar 2005

What speed AGP does your motherboard support? The card you have is 8X AGP but only if your mobo supports it....TT

  ACOLYTE 22:54 11 Mar 2005

Not all are auto dissabled especialy on older pc's.

hang on ..i have a pci graphics card not agp ? so the 32mb on board graphics are auto disabled ..thats why i cant switch it off manually..but why is it causing me probs.?

  THE TERMINATOR 22:57 11 Mar 2005

To find this, bring up display properties>settings tab>advanced>click on the tab for your card and it should tell your bus speed AGP 2X, AGP 4X, OR AGP 8X....TT

  THE TERMINATOR 23:21 11 Mar 2005

What card do you have? The Radeon9200se is AGP

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