Graphics Card Problem

  tyron 14:52 10 Jul 2004

I have a PNY Nvidia Geforce FX 5200 graphics card, every time a play a game or anything that will use the graphics card, when i finish the came or exit the game it blue screens or just restarts the computer, I have tried various drivers and it happens no matter what driver I use, can anyone help please?

  MichelleC 16:11 10 Jul 2004

Try disabling onboard grahics (if any) in bios.

  1x11456 16:24 10 Jul 2004

try click here i have the fx5900 and had driver probs and they seen to have sorted it out :-)

  fourjays 16:28 10 Jul 2004

That seems quite an odd thing to happen. The only time my PC will spontaneously reboot, while playing a game, is if I play FS2002 in full screen. Otherwise I have no probs. My only suggestion is that could be a software fault, as it reboots when you exit the game rather than when you play it. I know that when you exit a game, sometime the screen flickers for a moment (normally for a change in resolution, rendering drivers, or colour depth), so this may be the problem. Although I am no expert, I would suggest re-installing DirectX.

  smokingbeagle 16:33 10 Jul 2004

Click Start
then Run
type in dxdiag
and open

  tyron 16:47 10 Jul 2004

I have tried new drivers from Guru but that hasnt resolved it, so more sugetions please :)

  tyron 16:49 10 Jul 2004

Oh and also it doesnt happen on one particular game, its any game i play, and its not till i exit it that it happens, i dont think its anything to do with changing resolutions because i always use 1024 * 768!!!

  fourjays 18:17 12 Jul 2004

I know what you mean. Even though my desktop is set to 1024x786, and my game is set the same, it still flickers. I think it is to alter the 'colour depth' or something. Did you try as smokingbeagle said, and tried DXDiag - what did it say? Does that card support Directx8 or 9? And which do you have installed? Have you tried uninstalling all of the drivers for your card, and re-installing the originals, without updated downloaded ones (could be corrupt, or incorrect ones). I think it is a driver problem, which means it is a case of trying it with all drivers for it uninstalled, then install the originals, and then the updated ones - you should then see where the problem occurs. May I ask, what was the last thing you installed or did, before it started happening?

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