Graphics card and Power supply

  vaughan007 14:18 13 Apr 2003


Heres the question. Really just some advice needed.

I have acquired a Radeon 9700 graphics card nice and cheaply.

I know that these cards are recommended to be used with a 300W PSU but I only have a 250W PSU.

The system currently has a P4 2ghz processor, 750MB DDR ram, DVD drive, CDRW drive, floppy drive, network interface card and an 80GB hard drive. These are the only other internal components (except for the usual stuff) so I reckon I can get away with a 250W PSU as its not as if my system is flooded with expansions.

My PSU is a FSP Group Inc. FSP250-60GTA.

What do you lot think?


  AndySD 15:34 13 Apr 2003

No I think you will need a new psu click here I got the 450 for my stepson last month to sort his graphics card problem out.

  vaughan007 16:47 13 Apr 2003

I know its close......and may or may not work.

I also have a (gainward) geforce 4 TI4200 I can put in.

I really dont want to go through the hassle of upgrading PSU.

I think these (TI4200) are OK with a 250W supply (or am I wrong)?


  Paroxetine 18:47 13 Apr 2003

Why waste time with a lower end PSU when there is a possilbilty that a over draw on the PSU could make it quite unstable? Splash out that mone that you saved on your cheap 9700 card and get a uprated PSU, 350w or better.

In the words of Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor,

"we need more POWER! " :D

Have fun!


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