graphics card playing up help please

  blueboy2uk 19:58 19 May 2005

right i have a radeon 9600 pro graphics card,
it does not seem to be running as it should when i scroll up or down it does not go smoothly it is very jumpy, i loaded the drivers for the supplied disk i am running windows xp pro, i have checked that the card has not come loose,
when i load the drivers a ati box opens up and says that ati cannot start up the catylist when i reinstalled windows xp thete were microsoft drivers showing up in the display adapters tab but after loading from disk it now says that the correct drivers are not installed thats radeon 9600 series and radeon 9600 series secondary but i still get the ati box open up on restarting up saying ati could not open the control panel due to that there no ati drivers installed ????? i am really foxed on this one any ideas.

  Completealias 20:12 19 May 2005

Ok I would go into the control panel and uninstall any entrys to the ati drivers there if there are any.

Then i'd open up the device manager and remove my graphics card from the list and restart(uninstall it). Then when windows restarts it will come up with found new hardware installing drivers. It will probably install it as a standard vga graphics card. Once this is complete I'd then open up device mananger update drivers and then update them using your disk

  gudgulf 20:40 19 May 2005

I would do as Completealias says and uninstall everything including the grphics adapter from Device manager.Then reboot and let Windows install its own will find that Windows will load the same Microsoft ATI drivers you noticed before.These are ATI drivers but are a basic set and don't include the ATI Control Panel.

I would ignore completely the drivers on the disc that came with the card as these will be out of date, and download the latest Catalyst drivers click here.

Better still download a set of Omega Drivers click here which are a modified version of the official ATI drivers.These give excellent results and will work perfectly with your 9600 pro (choose the set up with fast writes switched ON for your card).I have used these drivers for the past couple of years almost exclusively and the latest version is currently driving both my X800pro(16 pipeline) and 9600pro----which is why I am certain of how well they work with your card.

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