graphics card or monitor problem?

  3rdday 22:47 19 Nov 2003

Recently my monitor screen has started to flicker, with the desktop picture contracting from top and bottom while it does so. It'll do it for a bit and then be okay for a while, but seems to be happening more frequently as time goes by. I haven't changed anything in the setup and I haven't placed any speakers, etc. nearer to the screen. Does this sound like the graphics card might be on its way out, or the monitor?

  pete-290318 23:05 19 Nov 2003

from the description you give I would say the monitor is on its last legs. I've seen a couple start like this and then pack up totally.

  BarryKeith 23:09 19 Nov 2003

Sounds like either the frame sync is going or the frame oscillator has changed so that the syncronisation circuitry is having trouble keeping it on frequency. I suggest that you try your monitor on another computer to see if you get the same result.

  Giggle n' Bits 23:10 19 Nov 2003

Hardware or Monitor change it could be the Display properties that have changed, or the refesh rate within the display properties.

I had similar problem when I got a new Iiyama 17" monitor and they told me the AGP card was not up to the job. I am currently waiting for a new AGP card.

I would if you can try someone elses Monitor 1st.
Then if no improvement replace the older item either the monitor or the AGP/PCI card. If its onbaord AGP VGA maybe the shared memory level is strained.

  chutchy35 23:26 19 Nov 2003

anyone tell me the best graphics card i can get for about £50

  3rdday 22:46 06 Jan 2004

The problem eventually got worse, so that the Monitor display frequently narrowed to a thin bright line across the middle of the screen. Mitsubishi have replaced the monitor under warranty.

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