Graphics card not being detected

  Lochshot 22:39 23 Dec 2013

Basically, last week I built my first PC and everything was going fine, graphics card (Asus GeForce gt 640) drivers installed and I'd installed and played multiple games on it. Last night while watching something on Netflix the monitor would lose the signal every now and then, for some reason I assumed it was because of some kind of standby/inactivity feature, tried turning it on this morning and nothing, no signal from analog. Just wondering if any of you have any idea what the problem could be from my description, I've tried fixing it, plugged cable into the built-in graphics card and it worked fine, but obviously I don't want to use the inferior card. Disabled the built-in card in bios and it didn't change anything apart from the fact that I now can't access Windows at all. And I've went through all the obvious steps, checking everything is plugged in correctly etc. Thanks in advance.

  rdave13 03:36 24 Dec 2013

At the mo all I can suggest it to remove the power to the PC, unplug from the mains and remove all peripherals. Reset the bios by removing the mobo's battery and waiting a minute before replacing. Boot using your 'onboard' gpu. If all seems ok then your PSU is either underpowered or dying in my humble opinion.

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