Graphics card & noisy fan

  Dorsai 17:37 02 Oct 2004


My graphiscs card, a hercules 3D Prophet 4000Xt, (32mb) has developted a very noisy cooling fan, very noisy and really irittating. It produces a buzz that vaires in pitch over time.

Does anyone have any sugegstions as to what to replace it with, that is hopefully silent (IE passive) but does not cost too much (ie about £10+vat and postage).

I would have thought that a ZM-NB32J from click here would probably do the trick, considereing that the northbridge fan/heatsink combo it is designed to replace is slightly larger than the fan/heatsink on the card.

Suggestions please.

  JonnyTub 17:39 02 Oct 2004
  Dorsai 17:44 02 Oct 2004

Thanks mate, but unfortunatly they say:

Email support is for North American clients only, unfortunately we can not respond to email from outside North America, nor can we provide Fax support.

when you follow your link. And my email addy ends . co . uk

  JonnyTub 17:45 02 Oct 2004

sorry mate, i should have checked further :-(

  JonnyTub 17:48 02 Oct 2004

register at the european site and you should get technical support or at the least a point in the right direction click here

  Noelg23 17:49 02 Oct 2004

Hercules? blimey the last I heard they no longer they are not making graphics cards anymore...I dont know why cos I use to have one of their cards and it was good...

  Dorsai 17:57 02 Oct 2004

thanks. At least i can try them to replace the fan/sink with the same again if all else fails, but would prefer a passive answer, IE a bigger heatsink, with no fan. All the ones i can find are aimed at high performace cards, and to call my card high performance would be a slight overstatement ;-)

  JonnyTub 18:02 02 Oct 2004

perhaps quiet pc? .com

  Sion 18:02 02 Oct 2004

Here ya go.

click here £9.39

click here £11.74

I dont know about putting that zalman cooler on the graphics card. That heatsink looks top heavy and could put some stress on the card. Plus its passive cooling, i could not say if it would be up to the job of effectively cooling that graphics chip. Always a good idea to stick with active cooling.

  Dorsai 18:14 02 Oct 2004

thanks for the link. they offer a range of fans, and that is a bit more like what i am looking for.

especially the click here which is also reviewed as quiet. I have a quiet CPU fan, case fan, and a ZM-NB47 on my northbridge. Just want to shut the PC up as much as i can.

I think i have enought now to find what i want/need, but will leave this un-solve for a bit longer, just in case someone comes up with anything better.

Thnaks all for the help and suggestions.

  Dorsai 18:22 02 Oct 2004

Quiet PC have many good products, and i have used them at least 3 times. They do do card fans, but they are all overkill for my card. The only one i like the look of is glue on, and i would like one i can remove if it is not up to the job, or take with me if i like it.

I am torn between click here

and a ZM17-CU from quiet PC..

Will think on it.

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