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  alansabout 12:30 07 Sep 2008

Hi All
I would like your opinion on this please. My graphics card an 8800 ultra went pop last week and have replaced it with a 280GTX but to be honest it does not appear to run any faster then the ultra considering all the hype from nvidia I still get the odd stutters and low fps with crysis as I did before I am thinking of perhaps a new board which will run PCI-E2 (current board asus P5N32-E SLI PLUS) and maybe up the PCU from the E6700 I have now. Your thoughts on this would be most appreciated. Thanks

  citadel 15:45 07 Sep 2008

for pci express 2 a 790i or 750i if you want future sli or if you only intend to have one card x48 or p45 as these are crossfire. for a cpu q9550 or e8500.

  alansabout 16:16 07 Sep 2008

Thanks citadel
I am just wrestling over whether it is worth going for a new board, will my new 280 GTX run that much better? my current board will run SLI but not PCI-E2
just not sure if it is worth the upgrade.

  citadel 16:25 07 Sep 2008

probably not much increase. maybe you should overclock the 6700 and see if that helps.

  alansabout 16:39 07 Sep 2008

Might try that, it is overclocked by 5% at the moment.

  GaT7 17:49 07 Sep 2008

You'll get very, very little increase with PCI-E 2.0, so not worth upgrading the motherboard. Crysis brings just about every graphics card to it's knees, so it should help if you turn down the settings.

I assume you have all the latest game patches & GPU drivers? Shutting down any unnecessary background process may also help a bit. G

  citadel 19:01 07 Sep 2008

6700 should go to 3.66 and increase fps

  alansabout 20:00 07 Sep 2008

Crysis settings all maxed out I feel that if it is not possible to run it flat with the fastest card on the market something is not right. It will run at an acceptable level but a little disappointing that is no better than the ultra, perhaps I am being a bit picky. Will try a bit more overclocking.

  citadel 20:24 07 Sep 2008

crysis slows all cards even 4870x2. if you get above 30fps with 4aa at max detail you are doing well. install patch if you havent already.
the makers of crysis are making the next episode more gpu friendly.

  GaT7 20:29 07 Sep 2008

The fastest card currently on the market is ATi's HD 4870X2, & I don't think even that, together with a better CPU, can run Crysis smoothly with everything maxed out. You're expecting too much - lower settings & you'll be fine. G

  alansabout 21:16 07 Sep 2008

Thanks for the input with this. Yes crossbow7 I should of said single chip cards but you are both right just been looking at some benchmarks click here I note that both the cards are getting less then 40fps in crysis mine are about 28fps average so not too bad then. I do hope you are right about the next episode citadel.
Thanks again.

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