Graphics card installation

  User-30000D31-CA9B-47EE-9AB2E27E88FEA0EB 11:41 13 Dec 2003

I have been running with a setup comprising, Duron 1200, 512Mb memory and an Inno3D GeForce MX440 128Mb memory card. I have had this setup running with Windows98 for months with no problems whatsoever. Until I installed windows XP, that is. After a format of my C: drive and re-installation of my drivers etc, everything works fine until I install the graphics card. I have updated the driver to no avail. It gets to the point where Windowas won't even boot. Any ideas? I'm almost at my wits' end.

  Colin 12:00 13 Dec 2003

Do you mean the PC boots using generic video card drivers, but if you install the Nvidia drivers and reboot the PC, it won't boot then? What version drivers are you trying to install?

That's exactly what's happening. The driver file I downloaded from nVidia says it's file version

the latest nvidia drivers are the 53.05's that i use with no problem.

the latest nvidia drivers are the 53.05's that i use with no problem.

My advice is to remove the traces of the card in windows by device manager in system folder, then restarting.

From there use the program detonator destroer from click here which should then remove and traces of the previous driver's, theninstall the 53.05's or the 52.70's which also work ok.

click here but it has the 3*.** to 4*.** remover....

Just download all driver's and programs then try what i said

The nvidia site only has driver version 53.03. where will I get 53.05?

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