Graphics Card ignoring fan Controls

  kuki vier 20:56 27 Dec 2016

So this is a little odd and i wasn't able to find anything on google, also the LTT forum and tomshardware werent able to help me, so now im posting here.

First, my System: ASUS Z170-PRO, ZOTAC GTX 980 AMP!, Intel Core i7-6700K with an almost fresh install of Windows 8.1

So it seems like my GPU is locked in its automatic fan control wich keeps it under 60°C at all times.

What i want to do is make the card run more quiet at the cost of running hotter (around 70°C). If i try to set the fan speed (either by applying a curve or setting it manually) it will comply at first, but then return to its automatic fan profile after 10 seconds (See screenshot).

I have tried GPU Tweak, Zotac Firestorm, and gave up at MSI Afterburner, all of them had roughly the same effect. i might mention that i had FurMark Running all the time while testing.

I might add, Speeding the fan up also has no effect

Screenshot: click here taken from MSI Afterburner]1


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