Graphics card for HP G62

  ArneMathiassen 13:06 11 Oct 2014


I have an HP G62, some time ago my GPU got damaged or burned or whatever, not working. Because when i go into safe mode and uninstall graphics drivers it, starts "normally" with basic graphics. If i install graphics drivers the PC starts with black screen. (sucks that at each startup i have to delete these drivers because windows automatically installs them at startup, but that is another story)

Anyway i have been browsing the net and looking, reading, i want to try to buy new graphics card og motherboard(if the GPU is integrated in motherboard). But there is alot of different information and i cant really figure it out.

Question is, is the GPU inegrated in mother board or can i just buy new GPU? As i also found out there is different models motherboards G62, how do i find out which one i need and the motherboard serial number?

My PC exact hardware specs are here: click here all i can find on hardware specs.

It says: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 Graphics (switchable)

Dose switcheble mean what i think it dose? i can take out only graphics card and replace it?

Im wish someone could point me to a specific number hardware(serial number) spare part(motherboard og GPU), ebay or something.

Help greatly apreciated!



  northumbria61 15:41 11 Oct 2014
  ArneMathiassen 08:42 12 Oct 2014


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