Graphics card help - replacing my old one.

  rb?k 20:15 14 Dec 2007

How do i know if my comp has the power capacity to run a certain card? If i know it runs 4x and 8x/4x cards then will i be safe buying ANY 4x or 8x/4x card no matter what etc?

I currently run a GeForce FX 5700 OC 256MB DDR AGP 8x/4x and want to upgrade it as its on the fritz. On my PSU it says

AC input 220v-230v - 3A 50-60GHZ
Max Output power - 280W
Then a load of bits about DC Output and the Fuse is 6.3A, 250V

I dunno if that helps, someone told me i need an AGP card as thats the slot i have, so yeah how do i chose without ruining me pc somehow? Many thanks all help greatly appreciated!!! If anyone is able to show me the best graphics card my pc can run id also be most obliged, or a good way to find out etc as i wanna replace it with a goodun but obviously know im not going to get anything awesomely up to date, just want to see some improvement i suppose. Thanks!

  Starfox 00:27 15 Dec 2007

To go to a 6 or 7 series card I think you may well need to get a more powerful psu particulary as a lot of new graphics cards need a separate power connection.

Depending on age and specification of your existing pc as to whether it would run one of the 8 series cards also.

  Totally-braindead 00:56 15 Dec 2007

As Starfox correctly says a lot depends on your spec. Theres no point in spending a huge amount of money on a card that will not be able to run at full pelt because the rest of the PC slows it up.
We need details of the processor you have, operating system and amount of memory.
I also agree that the power supply will need replaced, its too low for the newer cards.
And an idea of budget as well would help.

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