Graphics Card Help Please!

  1234s282 10:40 18 Feb 2007

Hi Everyone

After Installing Vista ULtimate , My computer was ranked according to how good the hard drive was , how good my processor was etc. The lowest rank possible is 1.0 and this is what i was given for my Graphics and Gaming Graphics. So , I am thinking about purchasing a better graphics card. I have contacted the Support section of my Computer Manufacturer and have found that i need an AGP 4x Graphics Card with at least 128MB Installed Video Memory ( the higher being the better). I dont really want to spend more than £100 / $200. Any help on what Graphics Card would be compatible with my system and would give me a Windows experience rating of 4.0 or 5.0 would be very much appreciated.

Here are my system Specs to give you a bit of help:-

HP Pavilion Model
1.24GB RAM
Intel Celeron 2.53GHz Processor
Running Windows Vista Ultimate.
40GB Hard Drive with 13GB free. ( I am also thinking about purchasing a bigger internal hard drive , let me know if you can find some good deals)

Thanks For Your Help

It is much appreciated.

  1234s282 10:44 18 Feb 2007

Ive just found i have 2 free PCI Slots and 1 Free AGP Slot
Hope This helps

  SLAYER 11:08 18 Feb 2007
  1234s282 17:06 18 Feb 2007

Thanks Slayer . These are a good price

  SLAYER 17:10 18 Feb 2007


  Strawballs 17:12 18 Feb 2007

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