mariatse 18:44 21 Jan 2006

I currently have a pc that was built for me a few years back and I want to find out if the motherboard I have is able to have an external graphics card.

The motherboard is a gigabyte from the P4 Titan series, model no:

The reason I think a new graphics card is because I want it to be compatible with a 20" formac monitor - model gallery 2010 Raven Xtreme. Spec can be seen here: click here

On this page it says in order to be compatible I need:

PC with Plug&Play video card with DVI interface OS: Windows 2000, XP
Note: Video card must support digital resolution of 1,600x1,200

Any help would be very much appreciated!!!

  Taw® 19:32 21 Jan 2006

I take it this is yours click here

  ade.h 20:49 21 Jan 2006

Any AGP interface will work, provided you avoid any cards that need a dedicated power feed, as your PSU may not have a spare lead of the correct fitting. So nothing top of the range, but anything else would be fine. Don't worry about the speed of the AGP interface - 2x, 4x or 8x - it'll run at the speed of the slowest side of the interface.

  mariatse 15:22 22 Jan 2006

So any of the graphics cards here click here will work with the 20" formac is that right??

  ade.h 15:34 22 Jan 2006

We can't answer that without knowing the max res of each of those chipsets. The X800 almost certainly would, and the 9800 probably would. You'll have to check for yourself if you actually want a Crucial graphics card, as the site has a distinct lack of information. The ATI website would be another source of info, since these chips happen to be ATIs.

Would you not consider another brand? They are mostly pretty good and are made to reference designs. Don't necessarily restrict yourself to an ATI chip either. What's wrong with nVidia? If you want ATI, a Sapphire card would be good, or perhaps XFX for nVidia. Have a browse at Dabs; it has a huge range. Remember any AGP interface will be fine as long as the chipset meets your res needs.

  ade.h 15:35 22 Jan 2006

And remember what I said about power connectors on high-end cards.

  mariatse 15:37 22 Jan 2006

Thanks for the info - will take a look on the dabs site.

I do know that I need a card that supports 1600x1200 res so hopefully I will find something!!

Thanks again

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