Graphics card help please

  Mosquitoes 19:01 18 Aug 2004

Hi I am thinking of upgrading my graphics card the one I have now is a radeon 9200se. I have seen in the graphics card review that the Sapphire Radeon 9800 Atlantis pro is the one to have for the price. I have noticed that you can get it now for about £140. I play the odd game, would I notice the extra performance and also what do I need to check on my computer to make sure that it is compatible and also Get the most out of the card.

  Totally-braindead 20:24 18 Aug 2004

It depends on what game you play, if its one of the newer games which are pretty graphics intensive then yes you would notice the difference, with older games there probably won't be much difference although if you're having to play them at lower settings to get them to run you could set all the settings to max and get a much faster more fluid and detailed game. As far as I know there is a minimum requirement for speed of your processor and for amount of memory you should be able to get the info about this from the Sapphire website. One thing you may need to do is buy a new power supply, the newer graphics card come with a seperate power supply connector(same as you plug into your hard drive) as the AGP port cannot supply enough power on its own. You would probably need a 400watt power supply although if you have a good make 350w one it might be ok. The only way to know for sure would be to try it but if you power supply is 300 watt or less then you will definately need a new one. Heres a link to the brochure for the card click here and it includes the minimum specifications.

  thedarkside 23:05 18 Aug 2004

A friends PC has developed a habit of cutting out after 2 hours or so. CPU temps in BIOS read 40C-45C under load. System is Athlon XP2400, Coolermaster HSF, PC Chips 848 mobo, Sapphire 9800pro, HDD, DVD, and CDR drives on Windows 98. He uses one of those Ferrari lookalike cases with a 500W PSU. As CPU temp under load seems well within limits, I am suspecting the PSU as the culprit, as its not locking up but cutting out as if the power has been interrupted. The PC works perfecly well other than the above problem.
The system is connected to one of those vertical surge protectors which I also suspect may be at fault. Any suggestions would be very welcome as the thing seems to work fine at my house, and not his, which is driving me crazy!

  thedarkside 23:06 18 Aug 2004

Sorry - posted to wrong place

  thedarkside 23:20 18 Aug 2004

I use a 9800pro, and can truthfully say I never once regretted buying it (at £200). For £140 this card is a steal especially with the new generation of card currently doing the rounds for £300-£400! You will notice a fair jump in frame rates over a 9200SE. If you only play the odd game, look at this way - what you do play will be going a fair bit faster than it is now. See if you can see a PC with this card in action before parting with your hard earned. Good luck.

  Urotsukidoji 09:23 19 Aug 2004

personal choice for me is nVidia, not ATI, but if I was going to go for a new card, I would aim as high as i could within my budget.
9800 range of cards are good, but if you want to "splash out" try the x600/x800
expensive atm, but will probably drop in price once PCI Express comes out into the mainstream, as for anything else check your mobo specs, is it 4x or 8x AGP? remember you can have the sleekest, sexiest 8x card, but if your mobo aint up to the task, it will trundle around like a tramp.

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