Graphics card help

  MS79 13:13 12 Jun 2012

I have a old desktop that the kids watch youtube on but the onboard graphics struggles.
The PC has:

-Intel layton d845glly motherboard -Intel pentium 4A, 1800MHz(4.5x400)cpu

Im very aware that the mobo is well past it's sell by date but it will be a lot cheaper to get a new/old graphics card rather than updating the mobo, cpu,graphics card etc. My questio is what would be the best graphics card to buy? Here's a couple i've seen:

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  Ian in Northampton 14:03 12 Jun 2012

I'd have thought, if it's an old desktop, that the first thing to check is whether it can support a PCI graphics card, or whether you need AGP. Or have you already done that?

  Woolwell 14:03 12 Jun 2012

What is your PSU?

  Ian in Northampton 14:05 12 Jun 2012

Woolwell's is a good question. I guess the other thing that might affect video performance is how much RAM you have.

  MS79 14:11 12 Jun 2012

Sorry i should have said, the PC has: 300W PSU, 1GB RAM , runs XP and the MOBO has 4x PCI slots but has limited support for AGP as described in the link Here

  KRONOS the First 14:18 12 Jun 2012

God that is old, I would stick to a PCI card. The cheapest you can find, it will still be better than on-board graphics.

  Ian in Northampton 14:50 12 Jun 2012

Chronus is right. Any of those you note would do a job for you, so go for the dheapest. At the low end of the market, there's really not much to choose between e.g. ATI and BVIDIA cards (personally, I'm an NVIDIA fan, but that's probably only because the only ATI card I've got trips me up every time I reinstall it, because it requires .net 2.0 to be installed beforehand). I have several PCs, and I've fitted them all with 256MB graphics cards (the important thing to me was dual monitor support) and I have no problems with e.g. YouTube. At the low end of the market, you might - just - get away with only your 300watt PSU, too. It'd be worth checking the system requirements of whatever you do choose.

  Woolwell 15:14 12 Jun 2012

It may be better to look in your local paper for a second hand system. You could get one for better specs for less than the graphics card.

  MS79 11:01 13 Jun 2012

Thanks for your help people. I think I'm going to get a ATI Radeon 256MB PCI card for £17, I think I would struggle to find a system for that amount in the papers.

  KRONOS the First 11:23 13 Jun 2012

I think I would struggle to find a system for that amount in the papers. LOL.

  Woolwell 11:43 13 Jun 2012

There appears to be a system with monitor as well for £12 in my local paper. With Vista so cannot be that old. Specs are a bit jumbled up and no mention of graphics. I don't think that the 0 at the end of 12 is missing but perhaps it is.

Good luck with the new card.

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